Annual General Meeting – September 25, 2018

Earth to Kids Success Story

Earth to Kids is just one of our many successful clients. Watch the short clip below to see what they have accomplished with their convenient and nutritious Chickapea Pasta.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Releases a Bill 148 Handbook for Small Business

Steering Through Change: A Handbook to Help Ontario Business Understand and Manage Bill 148 The handbook outlines the potential risks employers can expect from Bill 148, and offers human resources and operational strategies to help mitigate the impact. Bill 148 will bring in a number of reforms to Ontario’s current labour and employment standards laws, …

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Four Connections to Boost Your Business

by Sandra Kahale   Networking can be a real boost to your business. But it takes more than reciting your elevator pitch and handing out business cards to succeed. The real power of networking doesn’t lie in small talk and stacks of business cards, but rather in real conversations, real connections, and the opportunity to …

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What is the Shortest Path between You and Revenue?

Does Your Business Have a Mentor? Businesses That Have Mentors Double Their Survival Rates Having a business mentor is an opportunity to benefit from the experience of seasoned business professionals to overcome challenges, grow your business, improve your knowledge base, and achieve business success.  While more than half of all businesses fold within the first …

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5 Community Future Facts

1 – When your business succeeds, so do we. At CFDC, our goal is to help your business succeed.  We provide business loans and expert advice.  We are here to mentor you along the way because we are as invested in your community’s future as you are.   2 – Our community loan fund invests …

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NEW Financing Guide

Do you have questions about how to obtain financing for your business. View our new Guide to help you navigate your options and prepare for financing. Business Financing Guide

Writing A Business Plan

The Centre For Business has created a video to assist you in writing your Business Plan.