Business Match Finder Program

Business Match Finder Program

Find the right business for you. Match with the right buyer. Match with the right seller.

With 70 per cent of business owners looking to retire in the next five years, it will be up to the next generation of business owners to take those keys and keep those businesses going in communities across Canada.

The Business Match Finder Program is a new program that seeks to match business owners looking to transition their business to new ownership.

The Centre for Business and Economic Development had partnered with to help with this transition. Succession Matching provides access to tools, resources, and a network to assist individuals throughout their succession plan, business purchase and ownership transition. The Centre For Business provides free advice and coaching through all stages of the transition process, as well as financial support for new owners.

How to Get Started?

Once you have the COUPON CODE the first step to accessing the network and resources is to create a FREE account. All members can browse the site, access free resources and book a free 30-minute consultation. The type of user profile you create will open more features of the site including privacy settings.

Through platform Buyers and Sellers can:

  • Access articles, resources and special programming
  • Get a free 30-minute consultation with SuccessionMatching staff
  • Find service professionals
  • Create a listing

We are excited to offer our Business Match Finder Program to our local business community. Please contact Project Coordinator Brooke Girdwood at [email protected], if you would like to participate in the newly established program.

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