Mentee Application

Apply online by completing the Profile below.

Or you can download and print the Mentee Application Form and return it to:  Centre For Business and Economic Development,  105 Hurontario Street, P.O. Box 74,  Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z4

Email: / Telephone: (705) 445-8410


  • Preferred Method of Payment
    Note: Total series cost is $150 – Please make payment payable to The Centre for Business.
  • Business Info
  • How long have you been operating your business?
  • Do you currently have a mentor/mentee relationship?
  • Business Description (up to 40 words)


  • What are you looking for in a Mentor?
  • What big questions do you have about growing your business? Where could you use some support and guidance?
  • How will you know that this Mentorship experience has been successful?
  • List your top 2 business objectives for the next year.


What are your biggest questions or challenges in the following categories? Be specific.

  • Marketing - Product, Price, Place (where you sell) and Promotion (how people find out about you), marketing strategies, tactics, and processes, integrating marketing activities, etc.
  • Sales - Sales relationships, channels, and processes, targets, techniques, conversion rates, negotiation, challenges, etc.
  • Operations - Systems, equipment, people, and processes, including hiring, leadership, team-building, management, etc.
  • Finance - Planning, forecasting, management, including debt management, financing growth, cash flow, pricing, margins, etc.